It’s been 25 years since Dennis Rodman dominated the NBA and made headlines for his 24/7 Bad Boy behavior. For anyone who knew Dennis or followed his career during his heyday, would it be more surprising to learn that in 2023 he was dead or designing a luxury watch line with Rolex? 

The Worm is very much alive and very much involved in a custom limited-edition Rolex GMT Master II watch.  It’s a collaboration with Skeleton Concept, and according to Rodman, this extraordinary new timepiece was multiple years in the making.

“I’m thrilled to unveil the extraordinary result of my collaboration with Skeleton Concept. Introducing the Dennis Rodman Concept Watch, a stunning masterpiece reflecting my fearless spirit and unparalleled charisma. It’s time to embrace the Legend!”

For those of us who knew Rodman pretty well when he was a player, it’s obvious he didn’t personally write that for the official press release describing the new watch. But who cares? The story of what he was part of is fascinating.

This Rodman concept for Rolex needed a team of 100 skilled artisans from all over Switzerland to create.  Here’s part of a social media post from Skeleton Concept.

“We discovered a common ground and easily connected, as watchcrafting shares similar traits. The #RodmanConcept materialized after countless hours, numerous sketches, and meticulous modifications. Our aim was to create a GMT-MASTER II ‘Bad Boy’ that truly reflects Rodman’s unique persona. It was a monumental challenge, but just like the basketball player himself, we wouldn’t settle for anything less than greatness.”

Go to to pre-order if you are interested.

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