Frequent fliers know there’s a different level of service you get with some airlines. It’s a philosophy that seems to work its way down onto the actual flights from the C-suites, where the passenger experience is placed at a higher level with some air carriers than others.

Put Delta at or very near the top of the list for U.S.-based airlines when it comes to customer service. It appears they treat their employees pretty well, too. The company’s CEO, Ed Bastian, rewarded every Delta worker with two travel passes that can be used on any Delta flight, international or domestic, anywhere in the world.

“Delta people have risen to the challenge and led the way to a brighter future,” Bastian wrote in an internal memo that Reuters obtained. “During a time of deep divisions, seeing the Delta family come together in unity over the past nine months toward a common purpose has been awe-inspiring.”

Delta is giving the passes to all employees, even those who have been furloughed during the pandemic as business slowed.

A final perk of the passes Delta handed out is that they never expire, meaning if an employee wanted to go to Paris or London, but the foreign city is not welcoming U.S. tourists now, they can use it next month, next year, or eight years from Valentine’s Day if they prefer.

We’re all hoping the pandemic will be done by then, right?

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