The battle against trans encroachment seems to be making progress.

Texas becomes the 18th state to ban transgender participation in women’s college sports, creating a clear trend that seems to be picking up steam by the day, as CNN reports.

This comes two years after the state banned that same type of participation in Kindergarten through 12th grade, in both public and charter schools.

Designated the “Save Women’s Sports Act” Texas Governor Greg Abbott said in his signing, “Women’s sports are being threatened. Some women are being forced to compete against biological men.”

The new law will take effect on September 1st, just in time for the school season.

Marty Brier, head of the Texas Freedom Network, a pro LGBTQ organization, pushed back saying, “SB 15 is yet another harmful attack from anti-LGBTQ lawmakers on transgender Texans’ right to be embraced, accepted, and able to thrive — particularly in Texas’ public universities and colleges.”

But the tide seems to be turning the other way. Abbott, a month prior, signed a bill banning hormone therapy for kids wanting to change their gender.

As Texas makes a stand, expect many of the remaining states to follow suit.


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