Back when The Onion was known for its satirical ingenuity more than its progressive and far-left-wing writing, this would be a story only they could have come up with. It involves one of Bill Belichick’s players, an airport, and two guns.

Jack Jones is that player for the Pats. He was arrested at Boston Logan International Airport for trying to bring two guns onto an airplane. Not one gun, two. TSA agents discovered it in his carry-on luggage as he attempted to go through Terminal B. 

He was charged with possession of a concealed weapon inside a secure area of an airport, possession of ammunition with a firearm ID card, unlawful possession of a firearm, carrying a loaded firearm, and possession of a large-capacity feeding device. 

The Patriots cut and pasted the standard professional sports organization’s statement when they heard the news that one of their players was dumb enough to try to take guns on an airplane. 

“We have been notified that Jack Jones was arrested at Logan Airport earlier today. We are in the process of gathering more information and will not be commenting further at this time.”

The only thing that statement was missing was, “We’re on to Cincinnati.”

Until this point, this is a story of an NFL player doing something idiotic and criminal.  But it turns ironic when social media users pointed out that Jones was pretty outspoken in his comment last month about NBA star Ja Morant and his propensity to get in trouble because he was infatuated with firearms. 

Here is what he posted on Twitter when news broke of Morant flashing a gun on Instagram Live. 

“@JaMorant dumb.. you letting social media and yo pride ruin yo real money. Put them guns down and run that money up. Make one of yo homies sign up for security or concealed carry if you feel like you need it that bad.. but you the bread winner you gotta start acting like it.”

No word if he’s tweeted a message to himself about another athlete getting in trouble and potentially ruining his career because of guns. 

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