As our current administration stays busy involving the United States in yet another war, let’s not stray away from what we have left behind in Afghanistan; it’s looking like a better equipped army in a country that aims to use the arsenal against Americans.

How much military weaponry and arsenal was left behind, you ask? Here is a little visual according to The Times and The Sunday Times:

Folks on Twitter have reposted videos from the Taliban boasting their new arsenal on record and giving thanks to the Biden administration for allowing them to be better equipped to fight against the very country that armed them.

“Our glorious nation has the second largest collection of Humvees, trailing only the United States. Thanks to the #Americans, we are better equipped and armed to confront the #Americans in any future conflict.”

Tweet shared by @_ROB_29:

“If the #Americans return tomorrow, we will beat them in two months this time around. We are now better equipped, thanks to the #Americans.”

“We now have over 600 M1117 Armored Security Vehicles in our fleet! These have a specialized mine-resistant hull and cost $800K each. This upgrade will help us see off another #american invasion. The fleeing cowboys left a veritable grab bag of imperialist delights. #Biden2024″.

We seem to have left a 20-year war in an incredibly messy and irresponsible way; the question – is our current administration aware of this and if so, what are they doing about it?

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