The suspected 21-year-old killer in Highland Park, Illinois, got help purchasing guns, including the one he used to murder seven people at a 4th of July parade. The person who aided him, according to the police, is his father. 

Bob Crim knew that police had been called to their home two times in 2019 because his son had threatened to kill himself and the rest of his family. Yet, incredibly,  he still sponsored his son’s firearms owner identification card so he could legally acquire guns. 

Robert E. Crim III has been charged with seven counts of murder. Here’s what the Illinois State Police said in a press release. 

“The subject was under 21 and the application was sponsored by the subject’s father. Therefore, at the time of FOID application review in January of 2020, there was insufficient basis to establish a clear and present danger and deny the FOID application.”

In September 2019, a family member reported that the younger Crim had a collection of knives and had said he was going to “kill everyone.”  So, police came in and took the 16 knives, a dagger, and a sword from the home. They did not arrest Crim because no complaints were signed by any victims. It was after this that Crim’s father helped him purchase the firearms. 

Police are also looking for a witness whom they believe saw Crime drop what is believed to be the rifle used inside a blanket behind a cosmetics store. 

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