The pain for families involved in the horrific school shooting at Ulvade elementary in Texas hasn’t diminished, and now they are going after the people they felt let them down. 

Survivors claim the school district, along with law enforcement and first responders, were too slow to respond to the massacre, and they are suing them in a class action lawsuit to the tune of $27 billion. Included in the suit are parents, teachers, and students who were there that day and saw the inaction in person. 

They are seeking the damages for “the indelible and forever-lasting trauma” endured from the horrific shooting.”

Some of the details are infuriating.  For instance, the lawsuit docs say that law enforcement took over an hour; seventy-seven minutes to accomplish what they “were duty bound to expeditiously perform.”

Here’s more from the lawsuit paperwork, where the plaintiffs claim “[i]nstead of swiftly implementing an organized and concerted response to an active school shooter who had breached the otherwise ‘secured’ school buildings at Robb Elementary school, the conduct of the three hundred and seventy-six (376) law enforcement officials who were on hand for the exhaustively torturous seventy-seven minutes of law enforcement  indecision, dysfunction, and harm, fell exceedingly short of their duty bound standards.”

It was one of the worst school shootings, with 19 children and two teachers killed at Robb Elementary. 

The trial will most likely show video of police retreating from the gunman.  One teacher had 11 of her students murdered and said first responders were slow to respond. 

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