Prepare yourself to be bombarded with stories on the COVID-19 vaccine in the coming weeks and months as the U.S. and the world get closer to having an opportunity to fight off the disease going forward. 

For as much havoc that the coronavirus has created for the world since early 2020, it’s rather surprising to see the latest results from a Gallup survey that gauged Americans’ willingness to get the vaccine. The most recent results were based on information that the company obtained before Pfizer and Moderna made announcements about their forthcoming vaccines. The Gallup Panel survey conducted Oct. 19 through Nov. 1 revealed that while 58% of Americans said they would get the vaccine, if it was FDA-approved and free of charge, still a whopping 42% of Americans said they would not get the vaccine. 

The numbers indicated that 69% of Democrats were willing to take the shots, as opposed to 49% of Republicans surveyed who said they were going to take it. 

The age group that is the least likely to get the vaccine is Americans ages 45-64, as only 49% of this group said they were willing to do it. 

As far as gender, 61% of men surveyed said they would take the vaccine, as opposed to 54% of women who responded. 

The top reason for Americans saying they would not take the vaccine is the rushed timeline for its development; 37% said that is why they would refuse to take the vaccine, while another 26% indicated they would wait to confirm the vaccine is safe. 

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