Earlier today, the Supreme Court threw out the case against President Donald Trump that involved 8 Twitter users who were blocked by him on the popular social media app, saying the suit is now invalid because his account is no longer active and he is no longer in office. 

The 8 Twitter users had previously won in lower courts, which ruled that blocking anyone due to their opinions is a violation of the First Amendment (Freedom of Speech). 

Make no mistake: The same people who took Trump to court for being blocked by him on Twitter are the same Soy Boy beta males in full support of Twitter subsequently banning Trump permanently.

The same people who took Trump to court for being Twitter blocked are the same emotionally triggered loud mouths on Twitter–or any social media app–who block and/or report anyone who doesn’t agree with their opinion.

These are the same robotically programmed dependent thinkers who bring emotions to a facts fight, present opinions as factual information, and lurk in the shadows of Big Tech as “Fact Checkers”–who are actually activists that do very little fact checking, and quite a bit of silencing of any factual information that goes against the mainstream agenda.

It’s not okay for Trump to stop the psychologically fragile Meek Mob from seeing the tweets that so vehemently send them reaching for a paper bag, but it’s okay for Trump to be permanently banned from this very same social media platform.

“But he was the President,” they say, and the holier-than-thou mainstream media said he “incited an insurrection,” so, justifiably, the digital duct taping only applies to him. Mean tweets set a startling and horrifying example to the public, not the endless social media attention seekers buying inflated lips, diaper-sized buttocks, and telling young girls that selling their manufactured facial features and Flat Tummy Tea is an aspiration in life. Got it.

Twitter openly allows loads of pornographic content, death threats, and expletive name calling to run rampant, but conservative Tweeters– especially when presenting facts disproving a mainstream ideology–are constantly facing deleted or suspended accounts and forced to erase said “offensive” tweets in order to be reinstated.

Whether one leans to the left or the right, one has to see the overreach of censorship, and the picking and choosing on whom to slam the gavel down, on is a problem. And a problem that will only get worse. 

“As Twitter made clear, the right to cut off speech lies most powerfully in the hands of private digital platforms,” Justice Clarence Thomas wrote today in regards to the court ruling. “The extent to which that power matters for purposes of the First Amendment and the extent to which that power could lawfully be modified raise interesting and important questions.”

Trump is only the beginning. Because silencing people–and stances– is frequently what they do in Communist China. And in Communist Cuba. And soon, desiccation of the First Amendment will become the norm in the 50 states–using a long list of justifications like Twitter’s “private company rules violation (that only applies discriminately).”

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