If you think it’s hard for a team to make it to the Super Bowl, all they have to do is win two or three playoff games, and they are in. 

For the average fan who wants to see Super Bowl LVI in Los Angeles, it will cost $7,000 to get in the door, and the average price of a ticket is already over $10,000. 

That’s before parking!

Already the most expensive Super Bowl ticket, by far, prices are expected to continue to rise into the stratosphere before the Rams and Bengals kick off on February 13. 

Why the spike in prices this year?  A spokesman for StubHub told CNN it’s because of the location. 

“This is LA. The entertainment capital of the world, where prices for everything are through the roof. This is a perfect storm.” 

Last year’s Super Bowl also featured a team playing in their home stadium.  The game in Tampa featured the Buccaneers and Kansas City Chiefs, and prices averaged $8,550 on StubHub. 

The game will be played in the most spectacular arena in the world, the $5.5 billion SoFi Stadium, and Rams fans can splurge on tickets because it’s essentially a home game, and they don’t have to pay for hotel and travel costs.  And Bengals fans are gobbling up tickets online, too, hungry for their first-ever championship and first appearance in the big game in 33 years. 

If anyone is interested in the best seats in the house for the game, you have 12 days to get a home equity loan or rob a bank because those go up to $50K and beyond. 

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