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Sometimes called the “Godfather of the Red Pill”, Rollo Tomassi has been a permanent fixture in the ‘Manosphere’ for 20 years. With a focus on evolutionary psychology and objectivism, Rollo brings a pragmatic, nuts & bolts, approach to intersexual dynamics, men and women’s innate natures and their effects on today’s society. Follow Rollo here: https://bit.ly/3HzLNU8

Victoria Larson is a former star of “Bachelor in Paradise”. Follow her on Instagram here: https://bit.ly/3uHoXGv

Dr. Rebecca Nicholson is a specialist in conflict analysis and resolution. She helps clients navigate layers of conflict by delineating systems and re-introducing them as a set of organized behaviors, ascribed beliefs, and cultural norms. Follow her on Instagram here: https://bit.ly/3uI039S

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About Host:
Adam “Sos” Sosnick has lived a true rags to riches story. He hasn’t always been an authority on money. In fact, he was quite the opposite… Before hitting it big in finance in his thirties, he worked every job under the sun. He was a radio advertising salesman for Clear Channel, a party promoter, a hotel manager, a substitute teacher, a sports agent, and he even did standup comedy. While this life had a lot of perks, the reality was that he was making NO money.

In 2006, eager to start making serious money, Sos got an entry-level job at a financial firm as a cold-caller. After a few years of putting his nose to the grindstone and learning the ropes of the finance trade, Sos got promoted to VP of Sales and began to rack in serious money. Despite the financial world around him crumbling in the 2008 Great Recession and people going from making millions to losing their jobs overnight, Sos’s net worth skyrocketed. Seeing what was happening around him led him to recognize the SAVE THAT MONEY mantra.

Sos started a new project to wake young people up when it comes to money. He incorporated his high-profile friends and influential financial connections to show that spending money is not that cool, and it’s all about #SaveThatMoney. And then what do you do with that money? You save to invest. Invest in appreciating assets, yourself, and helping people around you.

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0:00 – Start
2:26 – Is Valentine’s Day Overrated?
6:01 – How Much are People Spending on Valentine’s Day?
16:07 – Rollo Tomassi Breaks Down how to give a good Valentine’s Day Gift
21:03 – Nightmare Valentine’s Day Stories
24:13 – Why Women Control Sex & Commitment w/ Rollo Tomassi
26:09 – ’Sexual Market Value’ w/ Rollo Tomassi
40:58 – Why Women Can’t Find the Right Guy
47:48 – A Girl’s ‘Peak Sexual Market Value’
51:49 – Rollo Tomassi defines Sexual Market Value
55:03 – What’s the oldest/youngest you would date?
59:12 – Rollo Tomassi: “Average Women Don’t Want to Get w/ Average Men”
1:07:51 – Joe Burrow has BDE
1:12:58 – The Importance of Confidence & Game w/ Rollo Tomassi
1:22:07 – Reaction to Lil Wayne’s Tweet “I’m too rich, i need a wife” w/ Rollo Tomassi
1:25:49 – Rollo Tomassi on Why Bezos, Gates, and Musk are Divorced

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