The SOSCAST hosted by Adam Sosnick is a podcast that takes a dive into the real world of dating, relationships, and money.

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Today’s guest is a cultural commentator and media personality Will Witt.

Will Witt is a national speaker, short film director, and host of the show Will Witt Live on PragerU.

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About Host:
Adam “Sos” Sosnick has lived a true rags to riches story. He hasn’t always been an authority on money. In fact, he was quite the opposite… Before hitting it big in finance in his thirties, he worked every job under the sun. He was a radio advertising salesman for Clear Channel, a party promoter, a hotel manager, a substitute teacher, a sports agent, and he even did standup comedy. While this life had a lot of perks, the reality was that he was making NO money.

In 2006, eager to start making serious money, Sos got an entry-level job at a financial firm as a cold-caller. After a few years of putting his nose to the grindstone and learning the ropes of the finance trade, Sos got promoted to VP of Sales and began to rack in serious money. Despite the financial world around him crumbling in the 2008 Great Recession and people going from making millions to losing their jobs overnight, Sos’s net worth skyrocketed. Seeing what was happening around him led him to recognize the SAVE THAT MONEY mantra.

Sos started a new project to wake young people up when it comes to money. He incorporated his high profile friends and influential financial connections to show that spending money is not that cool, and it’s all about #SaveThatMoney. And then what do you do with that money? You save to invest. Invest in appreciating assets, yourself, and helping people around you.


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0:00 – Start
2:52 – Asking Questions is how you change minds w/ Will Witt
6:07 – Will Witt’s Most Wild Moments Filming
9:03 – Was the Will Smith Slap Real or Fake
13:02 – Should Men Always Lead The Family
22:28 – Wisdom is far more important than intelligence
25:23 – How Will Witt Got Started
30:56 – Will Witt explains why you should save more than you spend
36:58 – Are Politics a deal breaker? W/ Will Witt
43:50 – Will Witt Reacts to Madison Cawthorne Sex & Drugs Scandal
48:57 – Will Witt: “PragerU is Political but its not Politics”

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