Social media users lost their minds on Thursday when presidential candidate Donald Trump signed a woman’s chest with a Sharpie marker at a campaign stop in Iowa.

The woman asked the 45th president to sign her breasts over a white tank top and then had him sign her wrist. She thanked him as he gave back her marker, and he went off on his merry way through the key battleground state.

Daily Wire host Michael Knowles commended the former president’s “autograph discipline,” noting that his hand never touched the woman’s chest but merely hovered above it as he signed his name. He went on to mock conservatives who were indignant at the public’s adoration of Trump due to his star power rather than his principles, saying popularity contests are a fact of life in a democracy.

Conservative news outlet BizPac Review wrote, “Good luck in 2024 Joe Biden.”

Outspoken blogger Laura Loomer called the moment “pretty epic,” favorably contrasting it with candidate Ron DeSantis’ campaign performance thus far: “The DeSimps are losing their mind over President Trump’s perfect hover hand execution of this delicate chest signing with the approval of the woman’s husband.”

Meanwhile, former Trump fan turned-DeSantis surrogate Bill Mitchell, CEO of YourVoice Studios, was aghast at the interaction. “Stay classy Trump. Can you imagine if DeSantis did this? The Trumpers would be losing their minds. Gawd – we deserve better.”

NeverTrump conservative channel “Republicans against Trump” merely wrote, “What do you notice in this video?”

Trump also danced to “Rich Men North of Richmond,” the populist anthem by West Virginian musical artist Oliver Anthony that went viral toward the end of the summer.  

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