Collabs are in. Companies combining brain power and creativity are all the rage right now, and here’s one that came out of left field; Ikea and Swedish House Mafia. Yeah, I know, they are both from Sweden, but who knew there was a demand for music-inspired furniture and homeware? There is. 

Ikea sells a popular item called the Fractal bag.  It has been upgraded to an all-black version that old-school music lovers will relish. Why? Because it can fit up to 100 vinyl records in it, and there’s also a matching carrier for cable cords and other music accessories.  You get where this is going, right? Electronic music DJs have found their go-to luggage because there’s also a crossbody bag for laptops and headphones. 

The collection also includes 20+ furniture pieces that I assume would be incredibly difficult to assemble and have an intense and impossible-to-understand list of instructions to go with it. 

Why is this happening? The IKEA designer who worked on this is a musician. Here’s what he told Luxury Launches. 

“It is so nice to work with people like the guys in Swedish House Mafia. They have a strong creative vision in everything that they do, and they are people who, in a good way, want to have control over every small little detail. As a designer, I am the same. I am meticulous; I love solving and thinking about even the smallest little stitch in a bag. It has been a really good match in that sense.”

It comes out this fall. IKEA can only hope it is remotely successful as their Swedish meatballs sold in each store. Over two million meatballs are eaten every single day in their 340 stores. That’s a billion meatballs per year. 

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