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In this episode of Shoot The Sh*t, Jed and Rollo discuss cheating and open relationships, whether feminism and the manosphere both get it wrong, and the often-missing puzzle piece of mutual respect. They dig into marriage, children, and what the end game is for both Jed and Rollo as they cover the modern dating game. No dating topic was off limits in this fiery debate that will leave you wanting more.

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About the show:
Welcome to your new favorite free-speech zone. Join TV dynamo Jedediah Bila as she unravels what’s broken in this country and takes on hidden agendas that threaten our health, our happiness, and our very freedom. Known for her fearless commentary and passion for free-thinking minds and spaces, Jedediah will dig into politics, health, relationships, and pop culture with media faces you love — and ones you love to hate. She’ll break down what’s at stake in the fight for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, enlisting movers and shakers along the way who call it like they see it and tell it like it is. And she’ll do it all in her signature no-bullshit style. Get ready to laugh, explore, uncover, and be empowered to take on anything and everything.

0:00 – Start
7:08 – Breaking Down Rollo Tomassi’s Rules
15:09 – What is a high-value woman?
32:55 – Breaking rules in a relationship
39:22 – Should men tell women their ‘body count’?
51:37 – Do women want vulnerable men?
1:14:24 – The difference between men and women
1:23:25 – Should women run for office?
1:36:34 – Do Women’s priorities change when they get elected to office?
1:45:22- Is it okay to cheat?
2:05:45 – Do men want unlimited amounts of sex?
2:09:52 – Is society defending masculinity?
2:18:27 – Rollo Tomassi’s dating advice for his daughter
2:25:03 – Does society try and take masculinity from men?
2:35:00 – What makes a man?
2:53:46 – Should selected services be eliminated?

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