Disney likes to brand their theme parks as being “the happiest place on earth,” which makes for a clever and marketable slogan. 

But Shanghai Disneyland wasn’t exactly a fun place to be Sunday, thanks to the odd reaction of the park to the fact that one visitor tested positive for COVID. 

All 30,000 visitors were essentially locked in, as officials would not let people leave until every customer was tested.  The only way out was a negative test result. 

The scene was made even more bizarre because the testers were wearing hazmat suites, and the fireworks went off off in the background as long lines of people waited for a nasal swab that would determine if they could go home. 

China has a zero tolerance policy for COVID, and it is enforced to the max. It doesn’t matter when or where, if someone tests positive, things are getting shut down.  Just recently a passenger on a train was deemed to have had contact racing with someone who tested positive, and the train was stopped literally in its tracks as riders were tested. 

China recorded a total of 48 cases of COVID on Saturday in their entire country of 1.3 billion people. 

80%has  of China’s population is reportedly vaccinated. 

All of the 30,000 Disneyland visitors forced to test on Sunday were negative, but all were ordered to self-isolate before taking a second test to confirm the negative test. 

Chinese officials apparently allowed the fireworks to continue while the testing went on so people had something to look at as they waited. Plus, employees apparently handed out phone chargers so people could charge their phones. 

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