Former First Lady Melania Trump is advocating behind the scenes for her husband to pick Tucker Carlson as Vice President, according to an Axios scoop.

Trump is apparently very open to hearing suggestions for his next running mate from friends, having totally scrapped the idea of choosing Mike Pence again after their fallout during the 2020 election. Pence refused to listen to Trump’s demands that he obstruct the certification of the 2020 election results and then decided to run against him in the primary election this year (Pence has since then dropped out of the race due to negligible support).

According to sources spoken to by Axios, Trump’s main criteria for a running mate are believing that the 2020 election was stolen and that Pence “wimped out” by allowing Joe Biden’s victory to be certified.

A person close to Trump reported that Melania thinks Carlson would prove to be a “powerful onstage extension” of Donald. They added that while Melania has stayed out of the spotlight so far during this latest presidential cycle, she might be persuaded to hit the campaign trail if Tucker is included on the ticket.

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In early November, Trump said he would consider choosing Tucker as VP, citing his “great common sense.” “I like Tucker a lot; I guess I would, I think I’d say I would,” Trump said on the “Clay Travis and Buck Sexton Show.”

Trump had previously said he “liked the concept” of choosing a female vice president, but said “we’re going to pick the best person” regardless of gender. Female contenders for the Vice Presidency are speculated to be former gubernatorial candidate for Arizona Kari Lake and South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem.

According to others in the Trump camp, the idea of choosing Carlson has previously been rejected due to the concern that the former Fox News host would outshine Trump. Similarly, people on Trump’s campaign staff believe Carlson cannot be controlled, which could prove to be a liability. However, it is said that the two men talk frequently and that their friendship has only grown in recent months.

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