SporTZ Now! With Tom Zenner Episode 10. In this short clip, they discuss Tom Brady going up against his former coach.

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About the Podcast:
Welcome to the podcast where informed, entertaining and sometimes outrageous opinions collide with detailed and inside info on the biggest, most talked about and important sports stories and personalities that dominate the headlines. It’s modern-day sports content, focusing more on dollar signs than X’s and O’s. Fast-moving, fun, and always going head-on with the most relevant issues in sports, Tom touches all hot button topics, scandals, stories and stars, and brings in a rotating panel of well-known and informed guests and experts to challenge him and share their unique insights.
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About host:
Tom Zenner is an informed and opinionated television host, author and content creator. He has written over 40 commemorative sports championship books on teams that win the World Series, Super Bowl, Stanley Cup and College Football title and frequent guest on the PBD Podcast with Patrick Bet David. As a front-line television sports anchor, Tom worked for NBC in Chicago during the reign of the Chicago Bulls, as well as being the main sports anchor at Fox in Boston and ABC in Phoenix, and hosted a radio show with college football legend Matt Leinart in Los Angeles. Tom also worked in the NBA, and was a feature writer and editor for Maxim Magazine and Jetset Magazine.

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