Quentin Tarantino might not make another movie, but he does have a new revenue stream he hopes to cash in on.  The famed director and screenwriter is jumping into the NFT game, and he announced this week he will release seven original scenes from his iconic film “Pulp Fiction.”

They are all never-before-seen clips and they are categorized as “Secret NFT’s.” Which means they will be built on a Secret Network – which is a blockchain that makes privacy priority number one. 

The NFT’s will also include some excerpts from the original, handwritten script for “Pulp Fiction” which fans of the flick will salivate over. 

If that’s not enough, these NFT’s will have commentary from Tarantino too, where he will reveal secrets about the film.

He won an Oscar back in 1994 for best original screenplay for the film.  

Here’s a quote from the famed director. 

“I’m excited to be presenting these exclusive scenes from ‘Pulp Fiction’ to fans.”

Look for this to become a trend in the film industry, especially f these NFT’s make a lot of money. 

Last September VeVe Partners and MGM said they would launch James Bond NFT’s from the latest film in the series “Not Time to Die.”

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