U.S. Sen. Kelly Loeffler (R-Ga.), whose January runoff campaign has captured the nation’s attention, is quarantining after receiving mixed COVID-19 test results.

Loeffler’s campaign said Loeffler, 49, took two rapid COVID-19 tests on Friday morning which came back negative. She received another test Friday evening, and the results came back positive. Loeffler tested again on Saturday morning and the results were inconclusive.

Her campaign says she doesn’t have symptoms. The statement says she is following CDC guidelines and informing those with whom she was in direct contact.

“Senator Loeffler followed CDC guidelines by notifying those with whom she had sustained direct contact while she awaits further test results,” Loeffler spokesman Stephen Lawson said. 

“She has no symptoms and she will continue to follow CDC guidelines by quarantining until retesting is conclusive, and an update will be provided at that time.” 

Loeffler appeared at a campaign event with Vice President Mike Pence and fellow Georgia Republican Sen. David Perdue in Georgia on Friday.

Loeffler, along with Perdue, faces a Jan. 5 runoff election that will decide which party controls the U.S. Senate.

Loeffler’s opponent is Democrat Raphael Warnock; Perdue faces Democrat Jon Ossoff.

With a little over a month until the runoff election, it wasn’t immediately clear what impact the tests would have on Loeffler’s ability to campaign. 

Warnock tweeted his support on Saturday night: “Senator Loeffler is in my thoughts. I pray that her test results come back negative and that she is back on the campaign trail soon. Blessings.” 

With 50 Senate seats in the new Congress, Republicans need one more to take the majority. A Democratic sweep of the Georgia runoffs would make it 50-50, with Democratic Vice President-elect Kamala Harris serving as the tie-breaking vote.

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