Public anxiety over rising costs, global conflicts, and impending disasters has been a business boon for emergency suppliers, many of whom have been benefiting from the mainstreaming of “doomsday prepping” ahead of the “Year of Chaos.” According to Jason Nelson, founder of freeze-dried beef company Prepper All Naturals, the concerns over “shrinkflation”—reducing the size or quantity of items without reducing the price—are more pressing to the average consumer than fears of international conflicts.

Jason Nelson, a U.S. Army veteran running for Congress in Texas, founded Prepper All Naturals in 2021. (

“I think people are becoming more and more aware of just how precarious their access to those items are,” Nelson told Fox Business on Monday. Nelson, a disabled US Army veteran and current Texas congressional candidate, started Prepper All Naturals in 2021 after seeing a growing need for quality animal protein sources that could be stored long-term to offset global food instability.

Demand for the company’s products has reportedly exploded, causing it to double in size every six months.

As Nelson sees it, prepping—an activity once considered a “fringe” behavior—has become far more accepted since the COVID-19 pandemic.

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“I think people also realized that they were kind of helpless. So it wasn’t just that they couldn’t get access to stuff, but it was that they had no ability whatsoever to supplement that in their own lives,” he said. “I think that that awareness overall broadened during COVID and of course, is exacerbated right now because…once they started paying attention to the supply chain, they’re able to connect the dots between, for example, the breadbasket in Ukraine or rice shortages coming out of Asia, or, drought affecting beef production here in the United States.”

According to the company’s website, the beef industry in the United States is under attack from government regulation and environmental activism. The US Department of Agriculture reported that beef cattle inventory hit a record low last week, a crisis attributed to droughts and rising costs for ranchers.

In order to push back against anti-beef initiatives and raise awareness about the vulnerability of America’s food supply, Nelson has partnered with “a patriotic rancher” to “supply cooked, freeze-dried beef cubes for long-term storage as well as for quick and healthy meal preparation today.”

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Nelson continued:

I just try to remind people, if the electricity goes out, all your frozen goods are gone within three days. And if you don’t have anything canned, as in you can’t can that food and there’s no ability to do that, then you have to ask yourself, how much of a food supply do you need to get yourself through that?

I don’t want people to just come buy my beef and then set it aside and go, ‘We’re good for the apocalypse.’ There’s so many other things that people need to do to be prepared, but what we hope to be is just a supplement for that, to be able to sustain people, give them some freedom in deciding with their family what they can do, what they can eat and, more importantly, to be able to help start that conversation with a lot of people who may have been afraid to on what they really need to do to be self-sustainable.

Prepper All Naturals promises to never sell lab-grown beef or meat treated with mRNA “vaccines” and refuses to “bow to woke mobs, authoritarian governments, or Big Ag.”

Connor Walcott is a staff writer for Follow Connor on X and look for him on VT’s “The Unusual Suspects.”

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