Being pope has its perks.  

For instance, during the eight-year run that Pope Francis has had leading the Catholic Church, he’s received a plethora of game balls, soccer jerseys and other sports paraphernalia. 

But Wednesday he received something new; a foosball table. 

The gift was courtesy of a football association based in Tuscany, and of course in the world we live in now the company made sure to point out the table is inclusive. 

As a native of Argentina, soccer is in the pope’s blood, with his favorite team being the San Lorenzo soccer club in Buenos Aires. 

And as the AP first reported, Francis has used sports frequently in the past to promote good health for children, along with the other themes of solidarity and inclusion.

Is the pope a good foosball player?  That’s still unknown, but chances are he’s not going to run into too many people anxious to beat him.

Especially now that he has his very own table. 

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