The good news for the Pittsburgh Penguins social media department is they have some very loyal followers.

The flip side of that is they will catch any little trick that they try to slip past people looking at their posts.

The team took some heat after they posted a photo on Twitter that had clearly been photoshopped.

In the tweet, a photo of about 12 fans in the stands accompanied this message. “We just had to say this again… Thanks for the continued support, Penguins fans. We can’t wait to see you tomorrow night.”

Upon closer inspection however, vigilant social media detectives noticed some discrepancies from the actual original photo of the crowd.

The woman in the upper right with the black hat and burgundy mask actually wasn’t wearing her mask properly.  It was covering her chin, but apparently edited to show her wearing it properly.

The post on Twitter also cropped out a couple people that were not wearing masks at all.

Not a capitol offense, but one that the team received some criticism for as you can imagine.

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