The good news for Elon Musk is that he gained control of the rudderless Twitter social media app, what he refers to as the “town square of our time:  and who knows, maybe one day it will become a trillion-dollar company. The bad news for Musk appears to be that he paid a steep price for it, and it sounds like he regrets the amount of Twitter stock he cashed in for the purchase. 

He sold at least $30 billion worth of stock to help finance the $44 billion sales tag. 

In April, he sold $8.5 billion worth of shares, another $6.9 billion in August, and $3.95 billion in November, and he capped off the year by dumping $3.6 billion worth of stock in December. 

What that means for his overall ownership stake is that he now controls roughly 13% of the company Bloomberg reported. 

Musk revealed his regrets in a thread on Twitter, commenting on a post by someone who said, “Haha, I still can’t believe Elon bought Twitter.”

Musk followed with, “Me neither.”  A few minutes later, he added.  “Sucks that I had to sell so much Tesla stock to do so (sigh).”

After that selling spree, Musk promised that he was going to hold on to his Twitter shares for a while. 

“I won’t sell stock until — I don’t know — probably two years from now, definitely not next year under any circumstances, and probably not the year thereafter.”

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