“The Boss,” Patrick Bet-David, sits in the hot seat across from Jedediah Bila on the latest episode of her podcast. Jedediah promised to talk about everything, and they did.
Everyone knows Patrick as the founder of both PHP agency and Valuetainment Media LLC; you may not know how he gets to live out his American Dream. This episode went straight into his back story, quickly leading listeners to consider their own American Dream. Are you doing enough to get it? Better yet, are you doing anything at all?
Is the “Matrix” really out to attack the American Dream? Patrick breaks down the cost of being at the top and staying prepared for the attempts at being knocked down. That’s a lesson for anyone aiming to be a successful entrepreneur.
The duo touches on the woman’s vote and the tendency for women to vote based on emotion.
This episode addresses those criticizing the Red Pill Movement and its emphasis on making money. Patrick drops a few gems about making money and what he’s teaching his children about being an earner and choosing their own paths.
Finally, the conversation gives you a few things to consider as an in-depth conversation is had about being a high-value man.

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