Roger Clinton, meet Jackson Mahomes. 

The two have something in common.  They are the less talented brothers of global icons. 

Roger Clinton was just an unmotivated goof, pretty much harmless, but Patrick Mahomes’ younger bro is building a personal brand as being one of the most annoying and unlikeable gravy trainers we’ve seen in a long time. 

Mahomes has made a name for himself recording TikTok videos for his large following. 

Most of them are just annoying, but what he did Sunday in Washington, D.C. has a lot of people really ticked off. 

Before the Chiefs game with the Washington Football Team, Mahomes was on the field doing his weekly Tik Tok dance video. 

He entered a roped off area where the number “21” is painted into the stadium turf, to honor legendary player Sean Taylor, who was murdered in 2007. 

Jackson Mahomes literally went into that roped off area, and did his dance on the number. 

Not only that, but Mahomes did his annoying jig on the day that the WFT retired Taylor’s jersey. 

Wow, what Patrick’s kid bro lacks in athletic talent he makes up for in bad judgement. 

This might be a good time for the Chiefs to stop giving this goof a sideline pass. 

The younger Mahomes took down the video shortly after he posted it and apologized on Twitter, saying he was instructed to go there and do his dance. 

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