When you listen to certain politicians or the negativity on social media about life in America, you’d think this was a pretty dismal place to be.  But it’s still a beacon of hope for millions of people around the world who long for freedom and a chance to work and provide for their family, including more than 1,000 Honduran migrants on a slow but steady trek to the US border.  They have already crossed illegally into Guatemala, despite authorities trying, and failing to prevent them from entering by asking them to provide proof they did not have coronavirus.

“We want to pass peacefully, we don’t want conflicts but we are determined to reach the United States,” a young man wearing a mask and identified as Alberto told the HCH television network.

The migrants left what they owned and started the long journey to escape the economic chaos in Central America that the Covid crisis has wrought.  Over 2,300 people have died so far in Central America, and the desperate marchers are hoping to make it into the US and avoid deportation.

“In Honduras there is nothing, there is no work and you cannot live,” Alberto added.

Reuters reported that video footage on Facebook Live showed a crowd of mostly young men and women carrying backpacks and small children pushing past armed Guatemalan security forces at the Honduran border post of Corinto. With President Trump’s commitment to cracking down on illegal immigration, it will be interesting to follow the plight of his group as they continue their trek to what they hope is a better life.


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