Business is one of the essential trades in our world that has made people’s lives better in various ways. Whether we talk about service or physical products, every business has importance in its own way. Meet the man, Omar Omar, founder of the state’s largest Wheels and Tires retail shop. His business Omar’s wheel and Tires is open for all and carries all brands of tires from Toyo, Nitto, Versatyre, Goodyear, and many more. Every single one of the wheels that are displayed in his shop is on stock and ready to be mounted. The business provides clients with over 5000+ styles of cast aluminum and custom forged wheels. 

Here is an exclusive interview with Omar where he talks about his business journey, struggles, success, and work-life balance.

Hi Omar, Can you please tell us the journey behind building one of the state’s largest wheels and tires shops?

When I was young, I was working for different companies like Walmart and Tom Thumb. I was making a decent living out of the job and was having a normal work life but life had a different plan for me. I dropped out of my studies cause it was not working for me. I believe it was my destiny that I got to meet the owner of a small tire shop where I tried to fix my flat tire purchased from the same business previously. 

Everything changed from that day. I got a job offer from the owner, and I took it. I have always been a person who gives 100% at any kind of task. I worked my way up and was able to become a partner of the business. The journey was not easy, even though I knew most of the things about Wheels and Tires. I put my effort into learning new things every day. With my skill, expertise, and vision to help more customers, I brought out my partner and decided to go solo. 

The decision was hard because I had to give away all my savings. But I trusted my instinct, and I knew if I fall I will rise again. And today, for me, it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. The business has grown to be one of the authentic and leading wheels and tires companies. 

How can we turn a mistake into success?

Well, the mistake will be a mistake. This is for sure! But a mistake or problem is the step that takes us to the next level in the future. Mistakes are normal, they happen and they can teach us how to change things on the next trial. 

I truly believe that a mistake wakes us up when we accept them. Analyzing the problem and finding a solution or a better way to overcome the challenge is the only way to turn a mistake into success. Don’t be ashamed of your mistakes. Ask people to help you find a better solution, and this will take you to success, quality, and efficiency.

You must be busy with the day-to-day work. How do you rejuvenate your energy?

Being a solo business owner has not been that easy for sure. But I love the work of wheels and tires so much that even during working hours I feel like I am on a vacation. Providing the best customer service and receiving their amazing feedback has been a great reward for me. For many people working might be tiring because they might not enjoy what they do. That is not the case for me, if I am not busy then I feel like I am in trouble.

I do prioritize my health because I know if I am not on my best then the work can’t be too. To rejuvenate my energy, I focus on getting good sleep. I wake up early in the morning because it gives me the feeling of accomplishment and enough time to work out. During the day, I take regular water & smoothie breaks. 

I celebrate every small accomplishment and give my gratitude to the things that are around me today. I also love being in nature and often attend various sports events. I know how important mental health is, and this is why I usually treat my employees with fun and respect. Now and then, I also enjoy Dallas nightlife and fine dining.


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