It appears that Rockefeller Center may have placed Charlie Brown in charge of picking out this year’s Christmas tree. The tree has drawn the attention of social media, as basically everyone has referenced the tree’s appearance as being “so 2020.”

The 75-foot-tall tree arrived on Saturday and was lifted into its upright position by a crane. Once in position, Rockefeller Center shared a photo of the tree on social media and said, “Let the holiday season begin! The 2020 Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree has officially arrived at the Plaza.”

The photo sparked immediate social media mockery, as the tree looked more like something you would find in the clearance section of a tree lot. Basically, the tree looked like it had survived the coronavirus pandemic, but barely.

The 11-ton Norway spruce was trucked in from Oneonta, New York, and arrived with a police escort that very well could have been a funeral procession for the sparse-looking tree. The lighting is scheduled for Dec. 2.

In all fairness, the tree had been wrapped and bound for its delivery into NYC, and most people expect it to “fill out” as it settles. If it doesn’t, though, we can probably expect Gov. Andrew Cuomo to order a face mask be slapped on it and have it sent to a nursing home.

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