It’s been a rough week for Amber Heard. On Wednesday she got pummeled by a jury in Fairfax, Virginia, in her celeb trial with ex-hubby Johnny Depp and was ordered to cough up a cool $8.35 million for slandering Depp.  The next day her lawyer not only said her client was broke but would not pay the judgment. Then to make matters worse, GoFundMe shut down a fake account that had raised $1 million for her. 

According to TMZ, a person named Kimberley Moore created the page, who claimed she contacted Heard’s lawyers and told them Amber could take the money if she needed it. 

“Not so fast,” said GoFundMe. They contacted Heard’s attorneys, and they claimed they didn’t know of the account, so they put the kibosh on it. 

She’s going to have to come up with another way to get the money to pay Depp and her team of attorneys who lost her case for her.  Will it be acting? Doing a high-priced interview with a television network?

Nobody knows quite yet, but it won’t be through GoFundMe. 

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