Jerry Seinfeld’s secret to physical and mental health is certainly not a show about nothing.

Last month on The Tim Ferriss Show podcast, Seinfeld shared a glimpse into his creative routine punctuated by exercise and Transcendental Meditation (TM), saying the combination is a key to his writing preparation and can help everyone.

Seinfeld, 66, said TM is “the absolutely ultimate work tool” and helps to reduce stress and return his drive and focus.

Failing to address life’s stressors can mean no soup for you.

“I think the stress reduction is great, but it’s more the energy recovery and the concentration fatigue solution, which is of course, as a standup comic, I can tell you, my entire life is concentration fatigue,” he said, adding that his brain and body “are constantly hitting the wall, and if you have [TM] in your hip pocket, you’re Columbus with a compass.”

Transcendental Meditation is done in a seated position, usually for 20 minutes twice a day. Practitioners close their eyes and repeat a phrase or testimonial called a mantra.

Who does TM? Oprah, billionaire Bridgewater Associates founder Ray Dalio and Lady Gaga are among its devotees.

But physical balance is just as important.

Seinfeld cites the difficulty of his exercise regimen: three weight sessions and three HIIT (high-intensity interval training) cardio sessions per week.

“There are a lot of days where I want to cry instead of do it because it really physically hurts,” he said. “… I get depressed a lot. I hate the feeling, and these routines, these very difficult routines, whether it’s exercise or writing, both of them are things where it’s brutal.

“But I just think it’s very balancing to the forces inside humanity.”

The veteran entertainer clearly has a few keys to winning the contest in life.

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