You don’t get to be the best player in the NFL without great decision-making, unless you’re Patrick Mahomes.

The ketchup-loving Kansas City Chiefs quarterback will be lathering his Thanksgiving turkey and ham with the red stuff, and we don’t mean cranberry sauce. He is targeting holiday meat with Chiefs-red ketchup as if it was a tight spiral tomato headed for an open wide receiver.

America has been jolted a bit by Mahomes’ passion for ketchup in recent years. We’ve learned that he was given bottles of it for his birthdays, made ketchup sandwiches as a kid and that his football fame made him hesitant to ask for ketchup in restaurants.

A follow-up inquiry came this week when KCSP radio in Kansas City had a chance to “ketchup” with Mahomes about his Thanksgiving meal plans to use it.

“Yeah, dude, I mean come on,” Mahomes told KCSP. “You got to put ketchup on that, turkey and ham.”

Steak, mac and cheese, and eggs are odd enough pairings for ketchup. Surely, you’re joking, the host thought.

“Oh, man, come on, you know me better than that,” said Mahomes, who squirts out an entire bottle of ketchup on a plate during a State Farm commercial.

Mahomes shared that he will be limiting his holiday time to his pregnant fiancée, Brittany Matthews, and his brother, Jackson Mahomes. Hopefully, one of them introduces the Super Bowl champ to gravy.

We don’t know Mahomes’ preferred brand, but after Chiefs owner Clark Hunt gave him a record-breaking 10-year, $503 million contract this summer, it ought to be Hunt’s.

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