Mark Cuban once famously said this about the difference between being a millionaire and a billionaire. 

“Being a millionaire is like having f&%# you money. Being a billionaire is like having F&%$ everyone money!

Jeff Bezos is a billionaire 200 times over, so it shouldn’t surprise you that a city in the Netherlands is going to literally remove a historic bridge for the founder so that he can pass through a waterway with his 417-foot mega yacht. 

His new boat is currently being built in the Netherlands, but it will be too large when completed to pass through Rotterdam to get to the ocean. 

With three masts, they are all too large to fit underneath the Koningshaven Bridge, which is 100 years and is essentially a monument in this part of Europe.  The bridge was renovated five years ago and put back together.  Now it’s going to be dismantled again, so Bezos’ yacht can be set free. 

When finished, the $500 million boat is supposed to be one of the best in the world. I’d hope so if a city is going to remove a freaking bridge for it. 

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