What is a monolith?

According to Wikipedia “A monolith is a geological feature consisting of a single massive stone or rock, such as some mountains, or a single large piece of rock placed as, or within, a monument or building.” But everybody around the world doesn’t seem to talk about this wide range of monoliths. The type of monolith that has made people wonder and pay their undivided attention to it is made of shiny steel layers with a triangular prism-shaped structure.

Why’s everybody talking about it?

The first monolith was spotted in November 18 in Utah by the helicopter crew. After that, several more similar monoliths have been seen all around the world including India. Mystery seems to revolve around their ‘out of nowhere appearance’ and their disappearing. There are various prevailing speculations about their existence; some believe they have been placed by aliens while others are saying- it’s a prank. People from all over the world are curious about these monoliths, but there are no clear answers yet. However, In India it’s a different story.

In Ahmedabad, India, people were surprised when they spotted a monolith in Symphony forest park. It was first seen on December 29 but gained popularity on Thursday. Word got out instantaneously and people from all over the place started to visit. Once again human nature played its part and people started to make all sorts of theories about aliens.

“Yesterday I received the news that something monolith kind of stone has been placed here. ‘It has been placed by aliens’ they told me, something like that. I was curious to see it so I came here early in the morning.” stated a visitor in the park.

Unfortunately, the mystery behind this monolith didn’t last long and all the fantasies were shattered. After watching the growing popularity and talks, about the symphony forest park’s monolith, an official came out and ended the mystery and myth around it once and for all.

“I want to send this message that, this garden, symphony garden, we have developed on PPP bases, and on PPP bases, we have Bakeri group with us who is the owner of symphony company, and they are known for always keeping some sort of monuments and structures on all of their commercial, residential and construction sites.” said Director, AMC’s Garden Department, Jignesh Patel. “They keep sculptures too; that sculpture could be made of steel, wood and rock. This is one of that sculptures (pointing his thump towards monolith) which is made of pure steel. It neither emerged from the ground and nor aliens placed it here. So I dispel all the prevailing stories that has been going around from the last two days…. It (again pointing his thump towards monolith) has been placed by Bakeri group.” Jignesh added.

Stories like this are starting to come out from all over the world regarding the monoliths. There are still questions about other monoliths around the world and people are still wondering whether aliens has something to do with it or not. These questions remain unanswered until who knows when.

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