On Tuesday’s episode of the PBD Podcast, actress and comedian Rosanne Barr sat down with Patrick Bet-David for a discussion about the crisis in Israel, Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s party switch, and Barr’s own rise and fall in Hollywood.

Here are a few highlights from the latest episode:

1. “It Doesn’t Add Up” – The Hamas Invasion of Israel

In the day’s biggest story, Barr shared her thoughts on the ongoing conflict between Israel and the forces of Hamas. Barr was born into a Jewish family and grew up alongside Holocaust survivors, making the situation deeply personal for her. But while she described her primary concern being the fate of innocent children caught in the crossfire, she also called attention to many of the factors about the invasion that just don’t add up.

Israel’s high-tech security system and world-class intelligence networks should have helped the Israeli government prepare for the attack…and yet they were taken completely by surprise. As conspiracy theories run wild, Barr suggested a possible explanation.

“It’s the same problem happening in the US,” she said. “There’s an enemy within.”

From collusion between corrupt powers around the world to “pay for slay” programs launched by NGOs, Barr believes Israel is under attack by far more than just Hamas—and PBD agrees.

As Patrick said, “This could go from 0 to World War III in seconds.”

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2. “Mind Control is Dependent on Routine” – RFK’s Independent Run

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. announced his third-party run as an Independent on Monday, leading to speculation about what effect this will have on the 2024 race. While it’s unclear whether RFK will take more votes from Donald Trump or Joe Biden, one thing is certain: the Establishment is unhappy.

Addressing statements from Kennedy’s siblings condemning his decision, Patrick can’t help but find him even more inspirational.

But why are so many Democrats and Republicans suddenly willing to step outside the two-party system? Barr proposed that it all stems back to COVID.

“The worst thing the establishment did to itself was the COVID quarantine because it broke people’s routine,” she said. “Mind control is dependent on routine.”

As the public wakes up from the Establishment programming, Barr is convinced that candidates like Kennedy will become even more powerful.

3. “Trump is Still Commander-in-Chief!” – Roseanne Barr on the Televised 2024 Election

While discussing a study suggesting that coverage of a Trump-Biden rematch could save mainstream TV channels, Barr made a shocking assertion: Donald Trump is still the rightful president of the United States!

“Joe Biden is the president of a defunct corporation in DC,” she stated. “Trump is still the Commander-in-Chief of the Constitutional Republic of the United States.”

As wild as that may sound, she claims to have significant evidence to back it up…and assuming the Establishment allows the 2024 election to take place, she believes Trump will be able to prove it.

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