The Senate showdown is on. As of today, Republicans have 48 seats, Democrats have 48 seats. Georgia still has two seats up for grabs as election rules in the state require lawmakers to win over 50% of the vote to win the seat. Both Senate races failed to reach that threshold, setting up a Jan. 5 runoff in Georgia.

Ted Cruz was on “Sunday Morning Futures” with host Maria Bartiromo this weekend and laid out exactly what is at stake in this runoff. “If we have a Chuck Schumer Senate and a Joe Biden presidency, they will pack the U.S. Supreme Court; they will end the filibuster; they will pass massive tax increases; they will pass the Green New Deal, destroying millions of jobs,” Cruz warned. “If we have a Republican Senate, none of that happens.”

Cruz also pointed out that Democrats have plans to add Washington D.C. and Puerto Rico as states to ensure themselves an additional 4 Senate seats, which would make it extremely difficult for Republicans to ever take control of the upper chamber again. As Cruz put it, “If you want a check on Joe Biden, if you don’t want to go over the edge to the socialist abyss, Georgia is the big enchilada.”

Looking at the runoff races, Republican Sen. Kelly Loeffler will compete against Democrat Rev. Raphael Warnock. Loeffler finished with 25.94% of the vote and Warnock finished with 32.89%

Republican Sen. David Perdue will face off against Democrat Jon Ossoff after finishing ahead 49.78% to Ossoff’s 47.9%. This race is still worth keeping an eye on as votes are still being counted in Georgia and the state has already signaled they would be doing a recount. With Perdue just under that 50% threshold, a small swing could make a big difference.

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