You’ve heard of business and organizations “encouraging” employees to get the COVID-19 vaccination. 

You’ve probably heard of others that require the vaccination for workers who plan on returning to the corporate office.

The renowned consulting  firm Alvarez & Marshal has gone next level with their expectations for employees; get the shot, or get placed on unpaid leave for up to six months. 

They announced the new policy to staff, and gave them until September 7th to verify they have been vaccinated.  If they aren’t vaccinated by October 31, no paycheck. 

As for loopholes and technicalities, pregnant women seem to be the only exception to the new mandate.  If employees site religious or medical reasons for not getting vaccinated, the firm may consider it but gives no guarantees of granting permission. 

A report in Business Insider stated that an internal survey indicated that 92% of employees were already fully vaccinated, or planned to be by the first of September. As for that other 8%? They either said they won’t get the shot or they didn’t respond. 

The company sent out a release that backed their position that the vaccine is safe, which is why they are mandating it. 

“The most recent CDC data shows that 194 million Americans have been vaccinated and only 7,100 of vaccinated Americans have been hospitalized. In other words, one out of every 27,700 vaccinated Americans have been hospitalized. These facts make it clear that vaccinations are extremely effective.”

So the line in the sand has been drawn at one major U.S. company. If an employee at Alvarez & Marshal chooses not to be vaccinated, they could be giving up their paycheck. 

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