Early voting and mail-in balloting is already underway around the country and with 3 weeks left until Election Day, Democrats have surged ahead to an early lead at the ballot box.

Election authorities have released data in 30 states and so far more than 9 million have cast their ballot by mail, absentee ballot, or in early in-person voting. In nine states that provide party registration data ballots, the Democrats are currently leading with 2,143,425 votes to the Republicans 930,838 votes.

According to polling released by ABC/WashPost this week, party registration will have a huge impact on the race. According to their research, 96% of Democrats are backing Biden, while 90% of Republicans are voting for President Trump.

The early surge of ballots suggests that 2020 voter turnout could easily surpass the more than 57-million ballots cast by mail or absentee during the 2016 election. Voter turnout as whole is expected to reach historic numbers, with some experts predicting that 65% of the electorate will cast their votes. If that happens, it would mark the highest voter turnout in a general election dating back to 1908.

The United States Elections Project is continually updating the statistics on their website and Michael McDonald of the University of Florida, who administers the project told Reuters, “We’ve never seen this many people voting so far ahead of an election.” He went on to add “People cast their ballots when they make up their minds, and we know that many people made up their minds long ago.”

A national poll taken by Reuters/Ipsos last week found that about 58% of Democrats plan to vote early this year compared to 40% of Republicans.

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