You don’t see this very often. 

The British cosmetics company Lush decided that social media’s dangers for teenagers are more important than revenue, so they shut down all of the social media channels this week. And missed out on Black Friday. 

CEO Mark Constantine made the call, and he’s totally cool with saying goodbye to $13 million revenue because having Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Snapchat accounts for his company might be harmful to some of his customers. 

Here’s part of a company statement. 

“In the same way that evidence against climate change was ignored and belittled for decades, concerns about the serious effects of social media are going largely ignored now.”

Here’s what Constantine told The Guardian.

“I’m happy to lose £10 million ($13 million US) by quitting Facebook. We’ve tightened up over the Covid period; it won’t destroy us,”

Will the move be permanent? It’s hard to tell because Lush quit Facebook and IG in 2019 because, according to reports, it was tired of fighting with algorithms. 

The company says it will be different this time because they would be hypocrites if It weren’t. 

“We haven’t done it as a PR stunt, we have done it for genuine reasons.”

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