College Football Hall of Fame coach Bobby Bowden is citing the election as part of the reason he survived COVID-19, saying, “‘I Wanted To Be Around To Vote For President Trump’.

The 91-year old legend was admitted to the hospital earlier this month after experiencing symptoms and then testing positive for the coronavirus. Bowden released a statement on Wednesday on “defeating COVID-19” while also including “an important message for all Americans’

The statement began by saying, “I want to thank all the many, many people who were thinking of and praying for me over the last few weeks. I just went through a battle with Covid-19, and God just wasn’t ready to take me home yet to be with Him. Most of you know I’m 91-years old, and the fight was tough. But thanks to the help of Dr. Michael Forsthoefel, and the support of Ann and all my children, I beat It.”

“I’ve had the chance to get a lot of wins in my life, but I really wanted to win this one because I wanted to be around to vote for President Trump,” said the former Florida State football coach.

Bowden also said he received a similar line of treatment as the president. “Like President Trump, I had the opportunity to be treated for COVID-19 with drugs to include Remdesivir. At the age of 91, in many other countries, I might not have even been treated. In America, I was,” he stated.

Bowden went on to say he would not be the only Bowden vote in Florida, “We have to get out and vote for President Trump because re-electing him is our only chance to leave the next generation with the same heritage, beliefs, and opportunities that Ann and I had and that many of you had. There are about 45 of us Bowdens around. Most of us live in Florida, and I promise you that almost all of us will be voting for Trump, and the ones that don’t won’t be telling me about it. So please, take the time, dadgumit, for the sake of our children and grandchildren, to Keep America Great and vote for Donald Trump.”

Well “dadgumit” Bobby, it’s great to hear you’ve recovered and it’s safe to say President Trump will be looking forward to that “Bowden” wave of voters in Florida. As for Biden voters, well, they are probably rooting for the Florida Gators after seeing this.

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