The Ever Given is free from the Suez Canal, but its operators are not free from a lawsuit, according to a British Law magazine – and many, many lucky attorneys are going to ring up the charges.

This kind of litigation could take years.

The Lawyer reported Thursday the lawsuit – from the ship’s owners against Evergreen Marine Corp. and “all other persons claiming or being entitled to claim damages” — was filed in the High Court in London and references “the grounding of the M/V ‘EVER GIVEN’ along the Suez Canal, Egypt on 23 March 2021.” 

The massive container-cargo ship, co-owned by Japanese companies Luster Maritime and Higaki Sangyo Kaisha, is being leased by Evergreen Marine Corp., a Taiwanese container-transportation company.

After a dust storm swept over the area and caused the Ever Given to go off course, the ship ran aground March 23.

The Ever Given looks to have exceeded the speed limit of between 7.6 and 8.6 knots set by the Suez Canal Authority; its speed was 13.5 knots, 12 minutes before it grounded, according to Bloomberg, which cited its own data.

The Japan Times also said the speed was 13.5 knots, adding that two canal pilots were on board.

Dredging, with help from tugboats, freed the ship March 29. 

According to The New York Times, a full moon produced a “king tide” adding inches of tidal flow to help refloat the ship.

The delivery, and perhaps prices, of supplies such as toilet paper, coffee and furniture are likely to be affected. Ikea said it had more than 100 containers on board.

The container ship is sitting in the Great Bitter Lake — a large body of water midway through the canal — where it is being inspected.

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