The Lexi Las Vegas, the city’s first “cannabis-friendly” hotel started welcoming guests this past weekend as it officially opened to the public.

Previously known as the Artisan Hotel Boutique, the property opened Friday, June 2 and presents “the idea of cannabis-friendly hospitality.”

The website addresses prospective guests, inviting: “Dearest cocktail, cannabis, and cabana connoisseurs… come quick, the center of attention is off The Strip and on the move to velvety banquettes, poolside vignettes, and well-dressed rooms and suites. Enclosed here: your invitation to cut loose from the status quo.”

The boutique hotel is a 21-and-over, non-gaming establishing with 64 rooms, 22 of which are designated to allow cannabis use.

“When you do this, you have to make sure that you’re very cognizant of what the law is,” said Daron Brotherton, COO of Elevations Nation. “We are not in the cannabis business. We are simply cannabis-friendly tourism.”

Marijuana can be consumed in a private dwelling or at a business that has a cannabis lounge license, according to the law.

No public cannabis consumption in common areas will be permitted at the Lexi as it does not hold the proper license, but guests can light a joint in designated “420-friendly” hotel rooms which are outfitted to minimize the impacts of smoke.

Lexi’s concept follows a theme similar to Phoenix, Arizona’s cannabis-friendly Elevations hotel, which has been reported as being well-received.

“On the very first day, I want to say we had almost 360 phone calls looking to make reservations with us, and then that demand has sort of never really extinguished,” said Brotherton. “There is a huge market for cannabis-friendly hotels in this country, for sure.”

The Lexi is located off Sahara and the I-15, and weekend rates for rooms are roughly $200 per night.

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