Is Michael Jordan so sick and tired of winning at everything he tries over the past four decades that he is intentionally doing something to give him a an up close and personal look at  temporary failure?

Is Justin Bieber so brain locked on finding inspiration for a new song to make teenage girls cry, that he went out of his way to make a part of his life a sad song?

I didn’t think I’d ever write these words about two living legends with a fan following that circles the entire earth three times in every direction, but here goes.

MJ and the Biebs are total failures…

… at finding a buyer to pay them full price for a couple sick cribs the iconic stars individually own.

Let’s start with Michael.  Fresh off the success of his monster documentary hit “The Last Dance,” he was hoping he might finally be able to sell the 56,000 square foot complex he called home during his playing days with the Chicago Bulls.

The mansion is located in swanky Highland Park, Illinois, and Jordan originally put it on the market way back in March of  2012.  The listing price then was $29 million, and it’s not out of the realm of possibility someone would have been inclined to pay that. 

Heck, there’s been a pair of Air Jordan shoes that have sold for over half a million dollars before. $29 million would only be 60 pairs of those shoes.

Well, it’s still available. Now in March of 2021, the price has gone down to a very reasonable $14,855,000, which makes it fhb fifth-most expensive residence in the Chicago area according to Zillow.

Michael’s primary residence for the past nine years is Jupiter, Florida, where it’s much easier to play golf everyday. He also has a couple homes in Charlotte, North Carolina, and he recently sold a 10,000 square foot house in Park City, Utah.

It’s that pesky home in Highland Park, the one with the 23 on the iron gate at the entrance of the property that just won’t sell. 

The listing agent for the property told Sportico that all the attention from “The Last Dance” helped with one thing. People wanting free tours of where Michael called home.

“I think [The Last Dance] just put everything back in the forefront of everybody’s mind, but a lot of people just wanted to tour it—it is not that they wanted to buy it,” said Katherine Malkin of Compass.

As for lowing the price tag further just to ease Michael of the six figure tax bill on the property each year, Malkin isn’t sure if they’ll do that. “We continue to get a number of calls, but they are often not qualified for buying and wish they could see the house and meet Michael Jordan.”

Now, on to Bieber’s beautiful house he did just sell in Beverly Hills, but for over $500K less than what he paid for it three years ago.

It originally went on the market in March of 2020, with an asking price of $9 million. It sold for just under $8 million according to TMZ.  They bought it with Bieber’s furniture in it too.

Why did Bieber sell? Maybe because he’d prefer to at least be the richest person on his block.

The home was located next to a $10 million home that Jeff Bezos owns.

(Bieber and Jordan’s Homes) 

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