Meghan Markle has proven that it is impossible to be a dominant podcast host when your full-time job of being a victim is so time-consuming. The wife of Prince Harry just couldn’t cut it in the podcast world, and Spotify dumped her “Archetypes” snoozefest before it got going on a second season. 

If you were craving episodes that explore historical and cultural stereotypes of women, my goodness, I’m sorry to inform you that you will have to get them somewhere other than from the former actress on a darn good American TV series called “Suits.”  

You can still binge her first season, which aired from August to November of 2022 if you want to catch Mariah Carey talk about the “complexities surrounding the diva,’” and what indeed must be a woke lover’s dream when Meghan featured Canadian first lady Sophie Gregoire Trudeau.

Spotify signed Harry and Meghan to a $20 million deal in December 2020.  Unfortunately, Spotify will not be paying the full freight of their deal since they didn’t meet the benchmarks for the full payout. 

It looks like things could get awkward if Harry has to ask his dad King Charles for a loan. 

Spotify has been focusing on profits lately, which made the wannabe princess and the ex-prince very expendable. The audio company announced they are reducing their headcount by 6% and is moving away from exclusive streaming deals, according to a report in the Wall Street Journal. 

The whole content-producing thing isn’t the slam dunk the scrappy couple hoped it would be. They seem to have an issue understanding what their audience is looking for. Netflix canceled the less-than-dynamic duo’s production of “Pearl,” and they will try again with the release of “The Heart of Invictus,” set for release next summer on Netflix. 

Is it too late for Meghan to ask Howie Mandel if she can get back her old job as one of the briefcase girls on “Deal or No Deal?”

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