As the old saying goes, when it rains, it pours. Hunter Biden may be feeling like he is in a torrential downpour as the New York Post story surrounding his laptop seems to have opened the floodgates of information and revelations about Joe Biden’s son.

Keep in mind this latest story has nothing to do with the alleged Hunter Biden laptop. This is coming from a completely different source.

The latest revelation comes as Fox News reportedly obtained text messages that show the CEO of Jim and Hunter Biden’s joint venture with a Chinese energy firm discussing a meeting with Joe Biden in May of 2017. Joe Biden has often claimed that he has never talked to his son about his business dealings.

The text messages obtained by Fox are from retired U.S. Navy Lieutenant Tony Bobulinski, who was the former CEO of SinoHawk Holdings. According to Bobulinski, SinoHawk Holdings was the company working with the Bidens regarding their business deals in China.

There is also a message telling Bobulinski not to mention the former vice president’s name. A screenshot of the message shared by Fox News’ chief congressional correspondent Mike Emanuel said, “Don’t mention Joe being involved, it’s only when u [sic] are face to face, I know u [sic] know that but they are paranoid.”

Bobulinski also released a statement this week to several news organizations saying that he has been asked by the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs and the Senate Committee on Finance to turn over “all documents” connected to his business with the Bidens. “I have extensive relevant records and communications and I intend to produce those items to both Committees in the immediate future,” he said.

In the statement Bobulinski also said that he is “not a political person” and what few campaign contributions he has made in his life “were to Democrats.”

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