A court sketch depicts Ghislaine Maxwell at a recent hearing, as cameras are not allowed in the court room

The first results that appear in an internet search of “Pizzagate” are the words “debunked conspiracy theory,” but the only bunking going on is pedo madam Ghislaine Maxwell in her jail cell as she somehow remains alive during the proceedings of her now-elevated sex crimes case.

Maxwell, the former girlfriend of the late and convicted child rapist and trafficker Jeffrey Epstein, was initially scheduled to appear in court this July. The first set of charges included six federal counts of conspiracy to entice minors into traveling for illegal sex acts, and transportation of minors to engage in criminal sexual activity, to which she pleaded not guilty. But late yesterday, Maxwell’s court date was pushed to the fall to give her attorneys time to prepare for the additional eight-count indictment filed by prosecutors in March of sex trafficking of a minor–which included recruiting and grooming a 14-year-old girl to have sex with Epstein–and sex trafficking conspiracy.

In 2019, Epstein was found dead in an NYC federal prison cell right after he had been taken off suicide watch and his cellmate removed, and precisely while both guards had coincidentally fallen asleep and cameras had conveniently malfunctioned. His death was ruled a suicide by hanging, apparently done by the lower bunk despite his height of nearly 6 feet tall. He had been facing more charges of sex trafficking and sex abuse of underaged girls, and was a gateway to the rumored possible exposure of other well-known public figures he was friends with. And so the seemingly coordinated elements inside the prison surrounding his death sparked widespread speculation that Epstein had not killed himself. 

Maxwell’s arrest last July was met with much skepticism. With talks of Epstein’s suspicious death reemerging, many expected Maxwell to succumb to the same fate, leaving the case a dud and once again many possibly-involved celebrities safe.

In the recent months, it had seemed as if the insulated Maxwell dealings had been sparse, and talks of suspicion regarding her true whereabouts began to circulate online. But according to recent reports, requests for Maxwell’s bail have been denied four times–one just late last month–as she is considered suicidal and a flight risk. She is currently being held in a Brooklyn federal facility where her attorney claims she has suffered “horrific conditions.” 

“There’s no evidence she’s suicidal,” Maxwell’s attorney, David Markus, said last week. “Why is the Bureau of Prisons doing this? They’re doing it because Jeffrey Epstein died on their watch. And again, she’s not Jeffrey Epstein, this isn’t right.”

Maxwell’s attorney Bobbi Sternheim wrote in papers filed late last month that the jail guard stood “knee to knee” with Maxwell as she used the “commode in the small area containing one toilet and a sink,” according to the Daily Mail.

“Having a guard standing over her while she used the commode caused Ms Maxwell to feel intimidated and humiliated,” he stated in the letter.

Not quite the pizza party Maxwell had anticipated.

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