Jed opens today’s show by discussing the impact of fatherless homes on children. She then gets into Miss Universe insisting ‘Not All People Who Menstruate Are Women’ and Rainn Wilson’s apology for a controversial tweet on breastfeeding. She digs into why Florida isn’t pre-ordering the Covid vaccine for toddlers, as well as the Pfizer study that led to CDC approval of the vaccine for small children. She closes out by discussing the corruption of kids in the Covid era, a crazy tweet that went viral, and why childhood should never last until you’re 40.

0:00 – Start
2:00 – The Truth About Fathers Day
18:00 – Rob DeSantis Is Standing Up For Young Children
20:00 – Dwight from ‘The Office’ actor Rainn Wilson Apologizes For Offensive Tweet
25:45 – Transgender Women Have Been Banned From Competing In Colligate Swimming
28:00 – Rob DeSantis Is Standing Up For Young Children
42:00 – VOX Details The Lack Of Risk From Covid to Kids
47:00 – Chicago Teen Commits Suicide After Being Bullied For Being ‘Antivax’
52:00 – College Professor Harasses United Airlines Attendant For Not Wearing Mask On Flight
59:21 – Childhood Now Extends Until Age 40

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