Social media personality and professional fighter Jake Paul encouraged his followers to vote in the 2024 election and implored them to make an informed decision, describing the upcoming race as “the most important election in the past 100 years.” He said “we need someone great,” warned that “America is falling,” and announced he was planning to meet with the presidential candidates.

Paul claimed he wants to meet with Democratic candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr., and said he “personally” knows people in the Trump campaign.

Paul made these comments on his Instagram story on Sunday. “I seem right wing but really I’m pretty neutral on all policies and want the truth to be told. I just want the games to be put to the side and I want the salesmen politics to die. People think this s— isn’t important and it so is! Your vote matters. Now I sound like a marketer and a weirdo but frfr. I’m trying to help us. I’m the peoples champ and always will be. I got y’all,” Paul wrote.

Paul posted a clip of himself pretend-boxing with GOP candidate Vivek Ramaswamy, saying, “With all that said I like Vivek as a person and human truly. F*ck republican and democrat. He’s a good a** American who can seriously help us.”

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Paul repeatedly returned to the topic of America’s downfall and the importance of the 2024 election:

“At the end of the day other countries look at us as a joke! For real. It’s sad. So we need to be come united regardless but so much work to do and my insta story not gonna chance the game but I’m here for y’all and as the wealthiest person my age in the world (Kylie couldn’t) I hope you can entrust that I would make a good decision for president.”

Jake and his brother Logan Paul recently exchanged tense words, with Jake claiming that he does not get respect for his fighting career. “You play both sides, bro,” Jake said, referring to Logan’s insistence that Jake promote his business.

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