California lawmakers will vote on lifting a state-funded ban to travel to states with “anti-LGBTQ+” laws, instead focusing on “anti-discrimination” campaigns. Back in 2017, California began banning travel to conservative-led states with laws that the mainstream media has claimed to be against the LGBTQ+ community.

Since then, roughly 26 states passed legislation against the education of sex and gender to young school children or enacting the very definition of sex into governmental law.

By blocking official travel to more than half of the country, elected officials, state workers and university scholars are prevented from using the state’s funds. These challenges have posed a threat to sports teams, universities and public colleges to being able to afford their road games, as well as states being able to fund people who live in other states to travel to California for abortions.

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California lawmakers will vote on lifting a state-funded ban to travel to states with "anti-LGBTQ+" laws, instead focusing on "anti-discrimination" campaigns.
AP Photo/Rich Pedroncelli

“In many instances, the travel ban has inadvertently caused California to isolate its services and citizens in a time when we are leading the nation in ensuring inclusivity and freedom,” said Democratic Assemblymember Rick Zbur. “With nearly 500 anti-LGBTQ bills having been introduced in legislatures nationwide this year alone, now more than ever, we need to reach into those communities with messages of support, inclusivity and understanding.”

States including Tennessee, Kansas, Mississippi, and North Carolina have passed bills restricting the subject of sex, sexual orientation, and gender identity to young children in public schools, barring trans athletes from girls’ and women’s sports, limiting access to school bathrooms according to one’s assigned gender at birth, and establishing the literal definition of sex.

For example, Senate Bill 1440 for the state of Tennessee affirms all government documents list a person’s sex as either male or female – the gender assigned to each person before they are even born. Mainstream news sources claim this to be dangerous for transgender individuals, therefore grouping the lesbian and gay community with the transgender movement, calling these laws “anti-LGBTQ.”

Under the new legislation, California would start an advertising campaign to promote pro-LGBTQ+ messages. The bill now heads to the Senate for a final vote before it arrives on the desk of Gov. Gavin Newsom. The Democratic governor has until Oct. 14 to decide whether to sign it into law.

The entire state of California is in rapid decline, with cultural issues and high taxes destroying the state’s population. In a recent explainer video, Patrick Bet-David unveils how the policies of leaders like Gavin Newsom have led to the destruction of this once-great state.

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