On Tuesday’s episode of the PBD Podcast, former trial judge and reality TV host Judge Joe Brown sat down with Patrick Bet-David for an eye-opening discussion about some of American society’s most underreported issues. Drawing on his extensive career in both law and entertainment, Judge Brown highlighted the problems stemming from declining masculinity and dysfunctional behavior…and also exposed some shocking facts about the political elite.

Here are a few of the highlights and standout moments from the latest episode:

1. “Glorifying Dysfunction” – Why Judge Joe Brown Left the Democratic Party

Once a proud Democrat, Judge Brown is now a registered Independent—and he blames the Democratic Party’s “anti-family, anti-man” agenda for his switch.

During his time on the bench, Brown observed Democrat leaders embracing the “secular religion” that robbed the nation of its cause and purpose and left the people without “duty, honor, obligation, responsibility, or accountability.”

The culture that emerged in the late 1960s was driven by people who exploited new social safety nets and, above all, hated hardworking men. According to Brown: “The lesbians hated men, the feminists hated that they weren’t men, the beta boys hated that they weren’t strong men, the gay men hated that they weren’t normal men, and the Hippies hated that men were responsible for war.”

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2. “It’s Not Alright to Be a Coward” – The Feminization of the American Male

Following the rise of America’s anti-masculine culture, attacks on traditional manhood became common. According to Judge Brown, anti-masculinity, not systemic racism, is the true evil in America…but in either case, he offers a simple solution: “Get over it.”

“Face it, be prepared to deal with it, stop looking for excuses—and even if there are some, don’t take ‘em,” he said. “Just say it’s something to go conquer.”

Under the current system that “propagandizes people into dysfunction” and encourages men to be weak and emotional, Brown is calling for a return to true masculinity.

3. “Barack Obama, George Bush, and Brad Pitt” – Obama’s Shocking Family Tree

In one of the episode’s most shocking moments, Judge Brown revealed some of the lesser-known details about former President Barack Obama’s background. According to the judge, Obama has no family members who ever lived through “the Black experience” in America—but he does have experience with the country’s political elite.

Brown alleges that the 44th president has family ties to a suspected Indonesian war criminal, former Presidents George H. W. Bush and George W. Bush, and even actor Bradd Pitt, calling several details about his life into question.

But that’s not all Judge Joe Brown had to say on the PBD Podcast. For more, watch the full episode HERE.

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